Did you know when you buy something on eBay, you have the opportunity to support Rein in Cancer during the checkout process. You can donate from $1 up to $25 to support Rein in Cancer whenever you complete a purchase on eBay and pay using PayPal.

And if you sell on eBay, you can give from 10% to 100% (or at least 1% for eBay Motors vehicle sales) of your eBay sales to Rein in Cancer. When you set up your eBay auction, just designate Rein in Cancer as your charity! Your listing will stand out with a distinctive charity ribbon and receive added visibility through specialized search functionality.

Plus, eBay rewards your generosity by offering the eBay Giving Works Fee Credit policy. When you create a listing with eBay Giving Works and that item sells, eBay will credit the insertion and final value fees back to you, equal to the percentage of the final selling price that you elected to donate.

But even if you're not buying or selling on eBay right now, you can still donate to Rein in Cancer on eBay through Donate Now.

Rein in Cancer is a registered charity with Mission Fish, an organization that works with eBay to arrange for donations through eBay auctions. For more information, go to Rein in Cancer’s page on eBay auctions.